Musings for 2018

In 2018, retailers, experiential brands, agencies and the rest of us have the opportunity to behave and prioritize our actions through some emerging shifts:

Today over Tomorrow: Solving the problems of the future doesn’t satisfy. Solving the problems of today gives us the power to define our future (and get instant gratification).

Activation over Innovation: We’ve reached innovation saturation. Stop toiling on the next big thing; deploying creative activations in existing channels and finding quick (often small, incremental) wins will go further.

Little over Big: The tenacity, originality, and fearlessness of “the little guy” will collectively garner the attention of big players, helping us learn from one another along the way.

Collaboration over Process: Working collaboratively, and with a healthy skepticism for hierarchy and protocol will lead to richer outcomes—and teams deeply invested in the results.

Hope over Despair: 2017 proved challenging on many fronts, with a perpetual cloud of despair hanging over us. Hope–met with empathy and ingenuity–will be the single biggest factor to drive us forward in 2018.

Make 2018 amazing!


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