What is Amazing?


We have all gazed up at the night sky and the seemingly limitless cascade of stars and been amazed at the dark and powerful beauty around us. Like the night sky, amazing experiences can be found in our daily lives as well as once in a blue moon. Some are big and some are small. Some are bold and some are subtle. But they all evoke something that compels us to pause and take it in.

What makes an experience, a moment or a sight so special that it ignites that feeling of amazement?

Many factors contribute, namely context, complexity and one’s capacity for receiving the experience. But at the most basic level, these experiences all have three things in common:

  1. Amazing is a feeling, an emotional reaction that you feel in your gut. You are awed, delighted, elevated, possibly even amused. After the fact, amazing experiences are always retold through these emotions, not through descriptions.
  2. Amazing experiences transcend expectations. Upon discovering the Grand Canyon, settlers were in awe as they compared the magnificent vista to canyons they’d seen before. Even if the baseline is high, an amazing experience is truly spectacular.
  3. Being amazing is intrinsic and enduring. No matter if it’s the cosmic infinity of the stars, the grandeur of nature or the simplest kindness when you need it most, the experience always inspires wonder and amazement. You’re amazed every time.

In the coming weeks, we will unpack the idea of experiences, both familiar and ground-breaking, that inspire us and are truly amazing.

Make amazing!

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